Pallet Blade Sharpening

Have you been told that your blade cannot be sharpened anymore? Are you thinking about buying a new one?

If the steel is in good condition, we can help you save money by retipping your blade instead of replacing it. Let us take a look at your blade. Our experience shows that many blades can be saved with a simple retip, and we have helped some of our long-time customers save money by doing so. In fact, some of our customers have gone over 15 years without needing to purchase a new blade.

So, if the plate is still in good shape, a retip is probably all you need to get your blade back to working like new.

TIP GUARANTEE:  Retip your 18" blade with us and we’ll replace up to 8 tips per sharpening for free.  You pay only for the sharpening. 

We have commercial pick-up and delivery routes

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